Earth Day

Mother EarthThank you, Mother, for mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks.

Thank you, Mother, for fertile valleys with winding rivers.

Thank you for rainbows, butterflies, and flowers.

Thank you for providing the food that forms every cell of our bodies.

Thank you for spinning through the cosmos while holding us close to your heart.

Thank you, Mother, for all that is.

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Have compassion for everyone you meet today. They, too, are battling dragons seeking to scorch them with the fires of anger, doubt, and fear. Meet them with tenderness, mercy, and love. Offer them the soothing waters of sympathy and kindness. … Continue reading

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I Understand

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I understand. Sometimes the wave is just too big to dive under. I know how that is. Just hold your breath… and know… you will rise again. I understand.

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Wrap your arms around everything. Hug into each experience without exception. Even those covered with thorns. When the pain of being pierced becomes as sweet as the fragrance of the rose, you will be free.  

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I’m on a little journey right now, leading a weekend “The Guru Is You” workshop/retreat at Kripalu Yoga & Health Center in the stunning Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts. Kripalu embraces you the moment you arrive. There is stillness, balance, and … Continue reading

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Child Eyes

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Remember the magic of dancing between the sidewalk cracks as a child? The shapes of clouds forming fantastical creatures from mystical fairy tales? A butterfly holding still on a flower petal, it’s painted wings so dazzling that time suddenly stopped … Continue reading

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Simply Notice

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We get angry sometimes, don’t we? Then frightened. Anxious. Our protective gear gets donned. We silently sit in judgment of others. It’s so easy to find fault. Someone turns the conversation towards themselves and a knot tightens in our belly. … Continue reading

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